Leaf blowers and vacuums
Especially popular in the autumn but also useful all year round. We stock Alko, Billy Goat, Handy, Mitox, Stihl and Tanaka models to suit homeowners and professionals alike.
Prices range from £45 to over £1000.

We carry a range of garden compost chippers and shredders by Alko, Ardisam, DR, Handy, MTD, Lawnflite, Masport, Mighty Mac & Mountfield.

  • Electric shredders are quieter and convenient for occasional use and for lighter work and range in price from £120 to £500.
  • Petrol engined shredders are suitable for heavier materials and more regular use. The machines we carry in stock can cope with material up to 2.5″ diameter but a wide range of heavier machines are available on request to suit professional users if required. Prices start from £835.

We carry several garden cultivators by Ardisam, Mountfield, Alko and Apache; both front and rear tined, electric and petrol, ranging in price from £70 to £1100.

  • Popular machines include the Mountfield Manor Compact 36 priced at £279.00 and the Eurosystems LaZappa at £329.90
  • The new Stiga SRC550RB has a very good specification at £369.00

For occasional cutting of long grass and scrub we carry several machines:

  • The DR Wheeled Trimmers priced at £529 to £1049 which use a very heavy nylon line to cut and are capable of cutting through young brambles. Large rear wheels cope easily with uneven ground.
  • The Apache M210 Scythe which is self propelled with a 34″ cutting width, priced at £839 and its larger brother the M320 with a 43″ cut, priced at £1599.

We have also taken on the DR Field brush mowers which are heavy duty rotary mowers with front mounted cutting decks that have little guarding, enabling them to cope with extremely long grass and brush, even young saplings 1″ to 2″ in diameter. They probably offer the quickest and most efficient way of coping with overgrown areas. Machines range from 60cm to 66cm cut and £1769 to £4199.

Another recent addition is the Alko and Handy log splitter ranges.

  • The Alko machines range from the KHS3700 4 ton model priced at £269 to the KHS5200 5 ton model priced at £339.00.
  • The Handy models range from £189 to £799. They are proving to be very popular with wood burner owners who are fed up with their bad backs from axe wielding.