Hedge Trimmers

We carry a wide selection of cordless, mains electric and petrol powered hedgecutters by manufacturers Alko, Bosch, Ego, Mitox, Maruyama, Mountfield, Stiga and Stihl.

For lighter duty work the mains electric machines are convenient and light to use. This type of machine will typically cope with branches of 13 – 20mm diameter (some claim to be capable of cutting up to 34mm branches but we would recommend purchasing a petrol machine for this work as the drive gears are much more substantial). They require little maintenance but are hindered in use by the mains cable and the need for a convenient electricity supply. It is always recommended that an RCD safety device be used with these machines as it is extremely easy to cut the cord in use.

Cordless machines are now becoming very popular as they are less complicated to start, require less maintenance and do not suffer from long term storage problems associated with petrol. They are also much quieter and generally lighter than petrol machines and have no cord to cut restrict them – or cut! 

Cordless machines can be lightweight for smaller tasks but can also be built for heavy domestic and professional use.

Prices of mains powered machines range from £119.00 to £149.00

Alko HT550 – Mains Hedgecutter
Priced at £149.00
The Alko machines feature a special safety cable which cannot be cut by the hedgecutter blades (a problem encountered by many a customer!)

Budget cordless or battery powered machines are generally suitable for light cutting but there are a number of higher quality cordless machines now available that can rival some of the petrol machines. Our most popular is now the 56v Ego HT2411E with 60cm cut, supplied with charger and 2.5Ah battery. This machine can run for up to 60 minutes on one charge and is priced at £289.00.  Ego offer a range of 6 machines covering the high end domestic market through to full professional machines. The Mountfield and Stiga machines are also popular in 20v and 48v ranges with prices ranging from £109 to £533

For the gardener who requires a heavier duty machine, the petrol machines generally offer more robust blades and gearboxes and are suitable for more prolonged use. The better quality machines can cope with branches of over 25mm diameter.

We offer a range of over 15 petrol hedgetrimmers including the Echo, Mitox and Stihl ranges. Prices of  petrol machines range from £189.00 to £649.00.

The Echo HC-2320 is now our most popular model and has a top quality 21.2cc engine with 64cm cut at £339.00.

Our range price lists, which include brief specifications can be downloaded using the buttons on this page.

Pole Hedgecutters are increasingly popular for high and awkward hedges. The cutting heads can usually be adjusted through a range of angles and they are a safe and convenient alternative to balancing on a ladder or constructing scaffolding. We stock a wide range of machines with prices starting at only £199.00 for a budget petrol powered tool but better quality units can cost up to £859.00.  We would consider the Echo HCA265ES-HD to be one of the best quality machines, offering professional quality at a reasonable price – £589.00

Hedgetrimmer attachments can also be purchased as part of a combi-system where one engine unit can be used for, strimming / brushcutting, hedgecutting, pruning and lawn edging.

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